WeldForce 40 Amp Plasma Cutter CF-45P

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With a cut capacity of 20mm (clean cutting of mild steel), severance capacity of 25mm, and 45% duty cycle at maximum output, the Cutforce CF-45P is one of the highest performing single-phase plasma cutters on the market. Weighing only 8kg and fitted with a 15A 240V plug, it's also super portable and versatile.
PFC technology means the CF-45P is extremely power efficient, delivering higher duty cycle for longer cuts and higher productivity, even on heavier section meterial. With PFC, the CF-45P can be used on long extension leads (up to 100m) and is a great choice for operation on generator power, where required.
Features a very high-quality 6m torch with 'Euro' style connection, Air regulator with nitto fitting, large carry case, shoulder strap & much more! For maximum parts life and cutting performance

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> Plasma Cutter

> 40A @ 45% max output
> Clean Cut up to 20mm mild steel, 18mm stainless-steel & 14mm aluminium
> Severance Cut up to 25mm mild steel, 22mm stainless-steeel & 20mm aluminium
> Fitted with 15A 240V plug

> Weighs only 8kg - compact, robust & lightweight
> Power Factor Correction (PFC) - reduced power draw, increased duty-cycle, ideal for long leads & generators
> High Quality Plasma Torch with Euro Connection
> Reliable Pilot Arc Ignition - non-HF avoids EMF interference
> Generator Friendly - min 8kva, ideal 10+kva
> Intelligent Protection & Warning System - prevents costly torch damage
> Stressed-Tested - to 440V & over-specified componentry for reliability
> Perforated Plate / Expanded Mesh Cutting Mode
> 3 year warranty*

> Plasma Torch 6m with Torch Parts Kit
> Air Regulator with filter & Nitto style air fitting
> Earth Lead 4m
> Large Carry Case
> Shoulder Strap
> Cable Strap
> Long Power Input Lead 3m

> Weldclass XTP-40/60 Torch

> Air Compressor capacity: Min 120L/min (4.5cfm) Free Air Delivery

*Standard warranty 2 years, with 1 year extension if registered at Weldclass.com.au/WeldforceWarranty

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