Milwaukee 48005226 230mm SAWZALL Carbide Ax™ Blade

MilwaukeeSKU: 48005226



With the introduction of The Ax™ with Carbide Teeth SAWZALL™ Blade, the Milwaukee™ SAWZALL™ blade offering continues to grow and support the end user in even in the most intricate scenarios


  • 5 TPI Blade design: A fast, aggressive 5 TPI blade design allows for the fast cutting in nail-embedded wood and a wide range of residential material
  • Nail guard™: Nail guard™ allows the user to Rip Nails Not Teeth, delivering extreme durability
  • Fang tip™: The Fang tip™ provides faster plunging compared to any wood cutting blade on the market
  • Gives extreme life in standard materials (Wood and framing nails)
  • Unlocks the ability to tackle hardened fasteners and abrasives (Hard Nails, Deck Screws, Shingles and Cement Board)
  • Too Soft – Teeth will round over and fail when cutting hard fasteners
  • Too Hard – Teeth will chip and fracture without tooth protection


  • Length: 230mm
  • TPI: 5
  • Carbide teeth: Yes
  • Plunge tip: FANG TIP
  • Weight: 0.06kg

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