Makita 260mm (10-1/5") 80T Efficut TCT Wood Saw Blade B-67343

MakitaSKU: B-67359



Makita EFFICUT series TCT saw blades made specially for cordless saws. Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run. This saves precious battery power and life Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life mm arbour ring is added


  • Thin 2.15mm kerf to reduce the load during cutting for longer runtime
  • Slimmed tip bottom reduces the blade body thickness contacting the work material
  • Special tooth design for longer runtime and reduced tooth face increases efficiency of off cut removal
  • Top bevel angle is extra sharp for a cleaner finish
  • The flat top raker sits lower than the alternate teeth to provide stability in the cut
  • Suitable for rip and cross cutting
  • Also suits AC 240V circular saws


  • Blade diameter: 260mm
  • Teeth: 80
  • Bore: 30mm
  • Kerf: 2.15mm
  • Rake: 10°
  • Max rpm: 5870rpm

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