Holemaker 35mm Magnetic Base Drill HMPRO35

HolemakerSKU: HMPRO35



Bonus until 31 March 2020 - Holemaker 3 Piece Metric Silver Series Annular Cutter Set - 25mm Depth ASSET-Z

  • Lightweight at just 10 kg makes it perfect for on site as well as overhead tasks
  • Robust construction makes it ideal for manufacturing type applications
  • 35 mm Diameter and 52 mm Depth cutting capacity is sufficient for the majority of hole making requirements
  • Gravity feed coolant system has a magnetically attached coolant bottle, easily removed and attached to the work-piece, so it allows coolant feed during drilling in vertical applications
  • Feed handles may be placed on the right or left hand side, providing even more ease of us in tight spaces
  • Dual-rail slide system delivers rigidity and does away with a need for gib adjustments.
Capacity Diameter - max (mm) 35
Capacity Depth of Cut - max (mm) 52
Capacity Twist Drills (mm) 12
Motor Input Power (W) 1000
Motor Output Power (W) 920
Speed (RPM) 350
Magnet Dead Lift (Nm) 8500
Weight (kg) 10.0

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