HiKOKI 2 Piece MultiVolt Combination Pack KC36DBDL(HRZ)




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HiKOKI 36V Brushless Impact (Hammer) Driver Drill DV36DA(H4Z)


  • RFC (Reactive Force Control)
  • 2-speed gearbox with all metal gears
  • 13 mm all-metal keyless chuck
  • 22 stage adjustable clutch
Capacity - Masonry 20 mm
Capacity - Wood 102 mm
Capacity - Steel 16 mm
No Load Speed 0 - 500 / 0 - 2,100 (min-1)
Impact Rate 0 - 31,500 (min-1)
Max. Torque - Hard 138 Nm
Max. Torque - Soft 64 Nm
Length 204 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
HiKOKI 36V Brushless Impact Driver WH36DB(H4Z)


  • Triple hammer anvil reduces vibration and "cam-out"
  • IP56 dust and water resistant
  • 4 step tightening mode selector
  • Exceptional ergonomics
Capacity - Bolt M5 - M18
Capacity - High Tension Bolt M5 - M14
Capacity - Screw M4 - M10
Max. torque 210 Nm
No load speed - Soft Mode 0 - 900 (min-1)
No load speed - Normal Mode 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
No load speed - Power Mode 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
No load speed - S Mode (Self drilling) 0 - 2,900 (min-1)
Impact rate - Soft Mode 0 - 2,000 (min-1)
Impact rate - Normal Mode 0 - 4,100 (min-1)
Impact rate - Power Mode 0 - 4,100 (min-1)
Impact rate - S Mode (Self drilling) 0 - 2,200 (min-1)
Length 127 mm
Weight 1.6 kg
HiKOKI 36V Multi Volt Battery A Slide Li-Ion (371750) BSL36A18


  • 1440W High Power Output
  • The MULTI VOLT Lithium-ion battery, paired with MULTI VOLT 36V tools, offers unprecedented cordless power over 1,440W with its size and weight.
  • The MULTI VOLT battery is designed for full compatibility with the current 18V slide range, and automatically changes between 2 voltages, 36V 4.0Ah and 18V 8.0Ah, according to the tool used.
  • *Compatible with MULTI VOLT 36V tools only.
  • Remaining Battery Indicator - Displays the charging state in four stages.
  • Compact & Lightweight - The MULTI VOLT battery has almost the same size and weight of a 18V battery, and produces the power of a 36V.
  • Not compatible with the existing 36V products that are compatible with BSL3620, BSL3625, BSL3626 or BSL3660.
  • Not compatible with the 14.4-36V UC36YRSL charger and the following 18V tools: AW18DBL / C18DBL / R18DSAL / UB18DGL / UF18DSL / UF18DSAL / UR18DSL / UR18DSAL / UR18DSDL.
Voltage & Capacity 36V 4.0Ah and 18V 8.0Ah
Cooling System Yes
Dimensions 116 x 69 x 76 mm
Charging Time Approx. 32 mins (with UC18YSL3)
Compatible Products All existing 18V slide-type tools
MULTI VOLT 36V tools
Compatible Chargers All chargers compatible with slide-type Lithium-ion batteries
HiKOKI 14.4 - 18V Li-Ion Rapid Cooling Charger with USB Port UC18YSL3


  • Cooling feature helps cool battery during charging or before charging commences to prevent battery overheating ensuring extended battery life
  • Preventative mechanism against charging a hot battery to extend battery life
  • 3 way overcharge protection system to ensure battery is not overcharged
  • Two colour indicator light to indicate what stage of charging the battery is in

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