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The Exitrax 1150 series recovery boards feature the ability to join two boards together, using this Exi-Link system. This allows you to double the length of these Ultimate boards for those tricky recovery situations - and they even double up as a high lift jack base.Unlike recovery boards that feature a ramp or incline on one or both ends, Mean Mother has turned that concept on its head and created the Exitrax recovery boards with a radical new design that decreases the front end extraction angle to dramatically improve vehicle recovery.

Its clever design and construction virtually eliminates wheel spin and significantly enhances tyre grip throughout the entire extraction process resulting in easier and more successful recoveries. The new Mean Mother Exitrax recovery boards are the perfect base to build the ultimate recovery kit – or add a quick and easy extraction method to your advanced recovery gear.


  • Designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand.
  • Accessory that suits only EXITRAX Ultimate 1150 Series Recovery Tracks
  • Allows 2 EXITRAX Ultimate 1150 Series reinforced nylon boards to be joined together increasing potential length of recovery
  • Can be used as a jacking base plate for most high lift and bottle jacks

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